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How Long Does Caffeine Stay in Your System?

It’s pretty common to start drinking a lot more coffee after quitting drugs or alcohol. Studies have shown that people in 12-step programs drink considerably more coffee than the average person. For the most part, this isn’t a big deal. Research now indicates that coffee may protect against heart failure, liver disease, liver cancer, and […]

Why It’s Best to Leave Politics Out of 12-step Meetings

We live in politically divided times. Cable news and social media have helped create an environment of political hostility. However passionately you may feel about your own political beliefs, it’s best to leave politics out of 12-step meetings. Here’s why. Politics poisons the supportive environment. The biggest reason to leave politics at the door is […]

When Should You Call Your Sponsor?

When Should You Call Your Sponsor?

If you’re doing a 12-step program, it helps to have a sponsor. A sponsor is like a mentor or coach, someone whose recovery is strong and can help you figure things out. While the group can listen and give advice, a sponsor can give you more attention. A sponsor is also someone you can call […]

Tips for Sharing at 12-step Meetings

Sharing at 12-step meetings is a way to feel like part of the group, which strengthens recovery. It helps you get clarity on problems and keeps you from delusional thinking. Most importantly, it’s a way of helping others by letting them know they aren’t alone. Sharing is good for sobriety. Here are some tips for […]