The Healing Capacity of Live Music

Happy senior man listening to music with headphones

The grass rustles between your toes, which extend past the picnic blanket you placed out on the lawn. You lean back onto your shoulders as you rest the weight of your upper body on your hands which are firmly planted in the ground. As the music notes flow past your ears, you notice your head begin to sway from side to side. You reach your hand over to your left to touch the hand of your companion, who has joined you. You are doing something so sweet that you haven’t experienced for far too long. You are enjoying live music.

Going to Concerts

Concerts are one of the best ways to experience music. When you see your idol performing live in all their glory, you get the opportunity to share in their artistic vision. From stage lights to dance choreography to instrumentals, the memory of a good concert will accompany you throughout life. Fortunately, we are reaching a place as a nation where many people will be able to enjoy concerts again this summer. Now is a wonderful time for a google search into concerts happening near you this summer.

Make Your Own Music

Do you play any instruments? Even if not, you can start lessons. It’s never too late to make your own live music. You can take your guitar out onto the porch and pick away at the strings until you reach a place of contentment. Take your saxophone to the park and serenade the other park-goers. Lay your hands gently on the keyboard or piano that’s growing dusty in your household. At the very least, you can hum yourself a tune or sing along to the radio.

Delight in The Sound

Whatever method you choose, be sure to delight in the sound. Engage your listening skills to pick up on each note and how it resonates. Music can recall old memories or form new ones.

Live music is such a crucial part of leisure. From concert-going to making your own music, it pays off when you invest in an old favorite or a new tune. At Valiant Living, we respect the work our counterparts are doing in music therapy. We are a men’s only facility in Colorado that treats addiction and co-occurring mental illness. Our expert staff wants to help you reach a place where you can delight in the simple treasures of life again after significant trauma. We are here to help you on your journey. To enlist our support, you can contact us today at (303) 952-5035.