Addiction and Professionalism Aren’t Mutually Exclusive

addiction and professionalism

Many images come to mind when words like “addiction” or “substance abuse” are brought up, with depictions of those suffering from addiction even going so far as to show homelessness or an unkempt look. However, addiction doesn’t necessarily manifest in this way, and one’s financial status or professional career can continue to develop independently of their addiction. In fact, the early stages of addiction can even be fueled by such prosperity, only leading to financial complications as one’s addiction continues to amplify later on.

Addiction can affect anyone, regardless of financial status or professional position, and relegating one’s image of what someone with addiction “should” look like can lead to dangerous assumptions about others while also missing signs of developing addiction in one’s self.

Addiction Through Opportunity

Addiction is a massive financial burden, regardless of whether an individual is suffering from an addiction to drugs, alcohol, gambling, or any other kind of substance or behavior. For some, reaching a point in their lives of financial security can open the doors to considering less the financial impact of purchasing these things, leading to a situation where they are not truly measuring their engagement with addictive substances or behaviors.

Being able to purchase these things regularly can quickly lead to the development of an addiction, especially if one’s professional life still seems fruitful. Finding success in the professional sphere and providing for oneself is a profound accomplishment, but it can also reinforce destructive behaviors. Those spending more and more on alcohol each week, or going to the bar each evening, may also be having these behaviors reinforced by their continued success in the professional sphere. However, the disastrous consequences of such practices are often felt later on, after addiction has retained the opportunity to develop under the guise of success or without ill consequence, leading an individual to only notice or address their situation after it has developed to a wholly detrimental level.

Stress is Universal

Regardless of one’s professional position, stress is a universal constant that inhabits all careers, and finding success in one’s own profession does not somehow make a person immune to the need to relieve this stress. Even those who are chasing their dream jobs may still find any number of hurdles and stressors along the way. With the prevalence of stress in one’s life comes the need for stress relief, and addictive substances can still be introduced as tempting stress relievers independent of one’s job title.

Despite your occupation, addiction is still a threat that can affect any person. One’s own life can help dictate how each individual designs their own recovery journey. We at Valiant Living understand that addiction is a personal journey and can help work with you to find your best path to sobriety while working with you to better understand how it has also affected your professional life. Our men’s facility is focused on individuality, allowing your stay with us to be filled with personally relevant practices, all within a safe and supportive recovery environment. For more information, call to speak to a caring, trained staff member today at (303) 952-5035.