Roll With the Good Times

leisure activity

Recovery is a lot of hard work, and maintaining one’s sobriety takes a lot of responsibility. Going to group therapy sessions, diving into difficult memories, or working to reestablish relationships are all tough parts of the journey, all while an individual is asked to stave off urges and cope with unforeseen stressors, continuously reevaluating their various strategies.

While this seems like a lot — and it is — the all-encompassing nature of recovery can also provide some fun elements of its own. Leisure plays a very strong role throughout the recovery process, and it is important to ensure that each individual puts enough time into their own fun and self-care as they would any other part of their recovery, and finding the right outlets can be an incredibly freeing experience.

Allow Yourself to Feel Good

Finding meaningful escape in leisure activities can have one major hurdle, often at the beginning of one’s exploration of these elements of recovery. That is, that those working to overcome an addiction or who suffer from mental health issues may feel ashamed, guilty, or otherwise believe that they are somehow not allowed or entitled to have fun.

Instead, an individual may believe that if they are not actively developing a coping strategy, they are letting someone down somehow. Letting go of these notions is paramount for a successful recovery journey. Understanding that each person can permit themselves some happiness is the first step towards breaking down these self-imposed barriers.

Finding Leisure and Enjoying Recovery

Finding spaces to enjoy one’s self throughout the recovery process is essential but will differ from person to person. Finding a recovery facility that can tend to one’s interests or has ample amenities to explore potential new interests are often the best places to start. Facilities like these can incorporate these new, fun activities and practices while still within the confines of a safe recovery environment. Even just heading to a pool, going to the gym, watching a movie with friends, or finding a nature-filled hiking trail where one can take in the air are all important facets of recovery and are necessary to ensure that balance remains the focus of one’s newfound sober identity.

Recovery is a difficult and complex process, but that doesn’t mean that there can’t be some great memories and events mixed in as well. At Valiant Living, we understand the need for leisure that each person has and the integral role that it plays in creating a sustainable balance in one’s life.  We offer an array of experiences and amenities that are all designed to help you feel more relaxed and rested, helping each person better tackle the more stressful side of recovery. For information on our men’s facility and how it can provide for both your recovery and leisure needs in one place, call us today at (303) 952-5035.