What Are the Best Activities to Accomplish When You Feel Alone?

More than ever, our society has tried to figure out how to make use of our time when we feel alone. With social distancing measures in place for COVID-19, staying at home has become more of a norm for people who are unsure of what they should actually be doing.

For those in recovery, idle time is not a good idea because that gives their addiction a way to creep back in without them even noticing. To combat being bored, we have come up with some ways to fill your time that will inevitably make you feel better afterward.


Exercise in any form will get the blood, and the endorphins flowing that will change your perspective to a healthier one. Endorphins are hormones in the brain that give you a natural high. Plus, once you finish, you will feel accomplished that did something good for yourself. You do not even need to do rigorous physical exercise. A brisk walk or a yoga session will do the trick to get those endorphins going while enhancing your recovery.


“Out of sight, out of mind” might describe the clutter at home, in your car, or at the office. Decluttering your space can relieve unnecessary stress and anxiety. Cleaning out the inordinate stuff around you will alleviate disarray and give your brain the ability to think more clearly. With excessive clutter around, you can feel stifled, which can affect your productivity, and the ability to complete tasks. As you clean out your insides with recovery work, you can also clean the environment around you to make a significant difference in your sobriety.


Although scrolling through social media or binge-watch your shows seems like a quality activity to do when alone, you may find that digitally detaching for a period might be better. Watching a screen can hold you back from focusing on experiences that bring you joy and value. Overloading digital activities can harm the body’s natural rhythms, which can be restored by doing activities that are beneficial to you mentally, physically, and spiritually.


A healthy activity you can do alone and stay entertained is reading a book. Whether you read books by conveniently downloading them or read them the old-fashion way by thumbing through pages, reading is still spellbinding. You can bring brain pathways to life and decrease mental decline by remembering the characters, the plot, and any prevalent information in your reading material.

Reading can also help you to actuate the activities you are reading about, so reading quality books can make you do great things. There are tons of recovery books that can educate you on your addiction and give you tools to help you to stay sober.


Implementing daily activities such as prayer, mediation, or devotionals can add gratitude, intention, and a way to connect to your Higher Power. When you have a routine devoted to getting your day started on the right foot or ending your day with a clear conscious, you will develop a spiritual intuition to do the right things. Ask your sponsor, therapist, or spiritual advisor to help you discover personal practices that can be an advantage to your recovery.


One of the mainstays of recovery is the aspect of service. Humans tend to think about themselves unless they add activities that assist them in thinking about others. Volunteering your time will serve you well. If you already have commitments at meetings, there are other ways to volunteer, such as cleaning up beaches, serving in a soup kitchen, or giving out water at a local 5K run. Being creative in your search to serve will not only help others but, in the long run, will help you tremendously.


When you feel alone, go to a meeting. The best place to be is around others who are like-minded and can embrace you when you think no one cares. Being greeted when you walk in, hearing about how others have recovered in their addiction, and how they became comfortable in their skin will benefit your recovery. You never have to be alone again, and in recovery, you are sure to find a new host of friends that will support you because they will know exactly how you feel.


The chances are that you have not taken the time to breathe in a while. Obviously, you breathe air into your lungs every day but what you need to consider is if you are intentionally breathing. You can exhale negative energy and inhale your recovery. Letting go of whatever is confining you from being a better person can be expelled through breathing. Add aromatherapy into the equation, and you can use the soothing and healing powers of essential oils to aid in your recovery while ingesting a beautiful fragrance.

Distracting yourself from drugs and alcohol with healthier activities will help you pass the time, especially when you are doing something productive or enjoyable. Figure out what you like to do and do it! Feel confident when packing sober activities into the stream of life. Purpose and direction can combat addiction and loneliness. All you have to do is try, and you will get the desired results to live the best sober life you deserve.

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