Why Relapse Doesn’t Make You a Failure

Why Relapse Doesn’t Make You a Failure

There is a saying in recovery that is intended to keep people who relapse from drugs and alcohol from feeling like a failure. “Relapse is part of recovery,” they say which is the truth. While there may be controversy surrounding these words because some think this gives someone the justification to relapse, knowing that you will still be accepted after a relapse is crucial. Having a door to walk back through after you feel shameful after a relapse is dire especially for someone who suffers from addiction. 

You may feel grateful that you made it out of your relapse, but you probably also feel like you completely failed at recovery. Take a look at these reasons why relapse does not make you a failure so that you can move on and stay sober. 

Relapse can be a guide.

No one knows how to navigate sobriety perfectly and it certainly takes some practice to figure everything out. The actions you take in sobriety are uncomplicated although the understanding of how addiction works differently in everyone is the most difficult part to grasp. Learning from your relapse is key because you will begin to understand what not to do and where you need to pick up the slack in order to stay sober.

Relapse can help your recovery.

Now that you know what to expect, this relapse could light you on fire for recovery. Knowing how terrible the throes of addiction are versus the amazing life you have put together in recovery, can be the very thing that keeps you on track to attend meetings, be of service, and work your steps. The more you put into your recovery, the more insurance you will have against your next relapse. 

Relapse can be the bridge to a new life.

Using relapse as a gauge of where you no longer want to be can push you onward into your recovery. You never have to feel the pain of relapse again if you continue to put your recovery as your number priority in your sober life.

Thankfully you made it back and hopefully you will keep coming back. Recovery is a lifelong journey for someone who is addicted to drugs and alcohol so make the best of it. Rather than beat yourself down for failing, start boosting yourself up that you are instead prevailing! The next time you feel like a relapse is coming on, you now have an opportunity to do something different. Relapse may have been part of your recovery, but it does not have to be anymore. 

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