What’s the Big Deal About 12-Step Programs?

What’s the Big Deal About 12-Step Programs?

Once someone has begun their journey in sobriety, at first, they may feel completely apathetic to doing anything to help their recovery. Rather than feel their feelings by working the 12-Steps, they will take the stance that they just do not need help. Their belief is that they are able to get sober on their own account, but they just do not want to.

If they could do it alone, they would have already executed a plan of action in addiction recovery. The likelihood that someone would want to continue their addictive behavior is more about not knowing how to stop. They are not ready to listen to reason because the obsession in their mind has become so powerful that they are willing to continue in the insanity that their life has become in order to save face from the possible failure they will demonstrate in their recovery. They do not fully comprehend how to get out from under which is where a program comes in as lifesaving, life-changing aspect of recovery. 

Why do I want to be a part of a 12-Step program?

There is so much to do to accomplish sobriety. Attending support meetings, working the 12-Steps, and building a supportive relationship with a sponsor is what a 12-Step program is all about. You may think this represents too much work from what your life currently involves, although you should not knock it until you try it. If your drinking and using have gotten out of control, you should attempt to do something that many others have used to aid them in long-term sobriety. By taking this leap of faith into a recovery program, you will open up the walls that have been holding you back in your addiction to give you freedom from drugs, alcohol, and the bondage of self. 

How long do I have to stay in a 12-Step program?

The general suggestion of a 12-Step program is to stay one day at a time. What that means in laymen’s terms is to take your recovery day by day for the rest of your life. There is no cure for alcoholism or addiction. In the same sense of receiving treatment for other incurable diseases to go into remission, a recovery program is what is tailored especially for your addiction to become arrested. 

By just taking the suggestions of a 12-Step program, you can drastically change the course of your life. Other suggestions that you will hear in a 12-Step program are to keep coming back and it works if you work – and you are definitely worth it.  

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