Ways You Can Stop Isolating

Addiction and the insidiousness that goes along with it can really cause someone to become isolated. Rather than go out in public and be around others can seem daunting and overwhelming. Your fear is being called out on your drinking and using or feeling judged by your behavior. 

In recovery, the suggestion is to get into action, but you are still wanting to isolate more than ever. Getting sober is probably one of the most difficult things that you can go through alone which you never have to do. Using the tools and resources that are available to you will help you to stop isolating and start enjoying your sober life.

Pick up the phone

Take time to actually reach out and call someone rather than text, direct message, or email them. Letting someone hear the inflection of your voice, talking out what you are feeling, and in return asking how they are doing will help to take the power out of whatever you are going through. You can even FaceTime so they can hear you and see you so that you can be 100 percent with someone. 

Go to a meeting

Being in public may be distressing to you. Attending a meeting can get you out of your comfort zone and into an encouraging setting to broaden your horizons. Since staying sober is your number priority, you can start your outings in a meeting and then build up to adding other destinations into the mix. Starting small will keep you from getting too overwhelmed and allow you to get you to become more relaxed outside your home.  

Be of service

There is nothing like being able to help someone who needs some assistance. Although your isolation could make you feel like you have nothing to offer, you do. Whether you take a commitment in a 12-Step meeting, sponsor someone or volunteer with the homeless, there is no doubt that doing something for someone else will give you purpose to get out of yourself. You can never feel sorry to put your hand out to someone else who truly needs it. Service work can put your own problems into perspective and save the day from being wasted.

Isolation may seem like a good idea even though it can really break your confidence down. You need to be around others so that you can live your best life surrounded by people who support you. 

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