What Does Relapse Prevention Mean? 

To remain sober, there are different layers to recovery that are extremely helpful. You have unity, recovery, and service that are instrumental to prevent relapse. The reality of recovery is that relapse can be a possibility at any given time due to the nature of addiction being cunning, baffling, and powerful. Your addiction is waiting on the sidelines to take over for your recovery. In order for this to be averted, relapse prevention is a necessity. Relapse prevention is a plan put into place to get you strong in your recovery so that the obsession of your addiction is put to rest. Instead of constantly thinking about drugging and drinking, you implement recovery actions to help you understand your addiction and how to arrest it. 

Find your vulnerabilities

To break through to the other side of addiction into recovery and stay there, you have figure out what makes you tick in the first place. People, places, and things are usually the main reasons for relapse. Although you know you have an allergy of the body and an obsession of the mind, sometimes that is not enough to keep you sober. Keeping out of bars and away from dealers, for instance, could take away the weakness of wanting to use instead of being right in the thick of it. If your family triggers your emotions in a way that could make you turn to drugs and alcohol, use the help of your therapist to help you to set healthy boundaries. The main objective here is to identify high-risk situations so you can set tools into action when they arise.

Find your tools

To fix most things, you need tools. Right now, you are trying to fix your thoughts and your actions, and you need leverage to do so. Getting a sponsor and working the 12-Steps is crucial to learn how to implement tools into your daily life. Prayer, meditation, inventories, asking for help, and being of service are important pieces to your recovery puzzle. You can use any of these effective tools when you are feeling unsteady in your recovery. Learning how to push through when the thought of drugs and alcohol cross your mind helps in a pinch. Your addiction is part of your subconscious and needs assistance to lie dormant once again. 

There is no cure for addiction which means that it can come back in full force at any given time without taking treatment measures. Relapse prevention must be part of your recovery to get the results that you desire – your life is worth it.

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