How Google is Promoting Digital Wellness

How Google is Promoting Digital Wellness

We live in a world full of people who overuse their phones on a daily basis and “feel naked” without having their device in their hands at all times. To help combat this digital dependence, there is a promotion of digital wellness that is beginning through the assistance of Google. Although you would think Google would thrive on people spending more time on the internet “googling” things, they do have a new program they are rolling out called Digital Wellbeing Experiments

The purpose of these experiments is “to help you launch ideas and tools to help people find a better balance with technology”. With this program, people can install checks and balances on their phones that will allow them to facilitate disconnection, minimize temptations, and put restrictions on applications. At this moment, Google has six experiments that can help you to achieve that balance and here are four that sound interesting. 

Unlock Clock

Ever wonder how many times a day you look at your phone? While you wait for an email or continuously inquire about how many likes your posts have received, you can rack up hundreds of views to your screen. All you have to do is download the wallpaper and the Unlock Clock will keep count. 

Desert Island

If you are searching for more focus, this download will be the test. The point is to pick a few apps that are essential to your daily grind and let go of the rest for 24 hours. You are challenging yourself to reduce the amount of time you are spending on your apps and find more productivity in other ways. 

We Flip

Being in a group with everyone holding a phone could mean everyone is also looking down at their screens rather than looking at each other in the faces. This download is great to install on your phone to force everyone into quality time together. Everyone flips the switch to turn off their technology. Until the first person flips their switch back on, the phones remain locked from technology and are no longer the focal point.

Post Box

Notifications can be the most distracting part of the apps on your device. After you are away from your phone for a period of time, you may come back to a whole slew of notifications. Once you see you have 14 from Instagram plus 6 texts, a missed call, and 4 emails, there is nothing you can do to hold yourself back from seeing what you have been missing for that 5-minute overlap. Post Box will hold all your notifications until a specific time you indicate you wish to receive them. 

Digital detox has become a real concern for all the screen time that is adding up around the world. At this point, whatever can assist in keeping people off their phones for less digital time and gain more productivity will be a win-win. 

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