How Long Do I Have to Go to Therapy?

How Long Do I Have to Go to Therapy?

A recovery modality often promotes a few different aspects as part of an equation to help someone learn how to stay sober. Support, education, and therapy are all beneficial elements to further a person’s road to recovery. Although sobriety is supposed to be viewed with the one day at a time perspective, the truth is that you must take a look at how these aspects will better your recovery ongoing. 

With today being the only time that you can follow through with any actions that you are taking, there is still a sense of urgency in understanding that recovery tools that are offered for sobriety will need to be used for the duration of your recovery. Therapy is one of those means to a happier, healthier life that should be used for as long as it is working. 

Therapy gives you a safe outlet

Sitting down with a health care professional and letting out your fears, concerns, resentments, and anything else that might be holding you back from being the best you can be is the main objective. For this work, you must feel safe with the person who is treating you. Opening about your past, your present, and your future in therapy to conceive a strategy to live by in your recovery will increase your chances of remaining sober. 

Therapy gives you a way out

All of the situations that you have lived through needs to be released. Keeping any trauma, abuse, or stress bottled up leaves you with a bad attitude, entitlement, depression, anxiety, or anger. Rather than endure these, you can start to feel better by purging out the secrets and the darkness that continues to plague you. By letting out your truths with someone you trust in a therapeutic setting, you will find yourself free and out from under. 

Therapy gives you tactics

Using therapy, the way it is intended for will give you a course of action that will achieve a specific end. If you are trying to get sober, get rid of suicidal ideations, decrease anxiety, or lessen depression, getting professional help can present you with the tools that will not only help in the present moment but when these mental health issues come forth again, you have tactical tools to help you combat whatever you are facing. 

There is no time limit to how long you will have to go to therapy. In order to have a fulfilling life, going for however long it takes to sort out the negative feelings you have endured on the inside should be your goal. Discuss your therapy with your therapist, a sponsor, or a trusted friend to get an idea of how your therapy is working for you. 

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