The New Shocking Truth About Vaping

The New Shocking Truth About Vaping

As the vaping epidemic continues to unravel more information showing the negative effect e-cigarettes have on people who use them, the more the vaping industry continues to become exposed. In late September, the news broke that Walmart would be taking all e-cigarettes off their shelves for good. This revelation is a major decision within a commercial enterprise because Walmart is considered one of the leading trendsetters of commerce. Walmart ceasing sales of e-cigarettes could cause a ripple effect on other major retail chains. 

The question is what made Walmart come to this conclusion? There has been negative press about e-cigarettes for the past couple of years, but what broke the camel’s back?

The Straw

As of September 11, 2019, 380 confirmed cases of lung disease associated with e-cigarette use have been reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 36 states and the US Virgin Islands. The one aspect that was holding back the truth concerning the outcome of e-cigarettes was lack of research because of their short-term use and the misconception that vaping was the way out of traditional cigarette smoking. Now that the CDC has conclusions from medical record review and discussion with medical health providers, they will continue to conduct their research to get an accurate count of these rising cases of lung disease caused by vaping.  

The Solution

With all the knowledge gathered from the CDC and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), tests regarding the ingredients that are found in e-juice are being investigated for better understanding as to why these substances are causing illness. Vaping devices and e-juices have been unregulated up until this point which has been one of the major issues concerning e-cigarettes – there is no insight as to what consumers are ingesting. With research taking place, there is also another critical piece of the solution that takes place with educating the public on the potential dangers of what could also happen to them with e-cigarettes as people continue to get sick from the unknown ingredients. 

The recommendation that the CDC and the FDA are promoting is to stop vaping until more is revealed in the widespread illness that is being caused by e-cigarettes. More importantly, if a person continues to use vape devices despite warnings, they should get checked out by a physician to heed any symptoms that could be exacerbated from the unidentified chemicals that are causing health problems for so many. 

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