Will Holistic Therapy Work for You?

Will Holistic Therapy Work for You?

Therapy is typically a suggestion people receive who are suffering from addiction or mental health issues. The point of attending therapy is to work out the painful and shameful aspects of the past so that you can have freedom in your present to move into your future with tools to guide you in sobriety and serenity. 

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is probably the most commonly known therapy. CBT is the type of therapy everyone visualizes laying on the couch talking about their feelings while a therapist listens and takes notes. This type of therapy has been proven effective in many cases, but there are people who feel less comfortable about bearing their soul and all the skeletons in their closet to someone they just met. These kinds of people may show up to therapy although they may not necessarily be honest which defeats the purpose of working with a therapist in the first place. Others have tried working with so many different therapists that they feel like therapy has been watered down for them and will no longer work. 

If this sounds like you, there is hope. CBT is not the only type of therapy that has a proven success rate. Everyone is different which is why you should really weigh out all the options you have for therapy. Finding something that makes a difference in the way you feel, improves your relationships with others, and has a profound change in your outlook on life is what you should be seeking in terms of therapy. What may be lacking in CBT may be abundant in holistic therapy.

What is holistic therapy?

People often perceive holistic therapy as an alternative method that is based on either religious practices or something mystical, magical, or unconventional. Holistic therapy is a way to treat the body, the mind, and the soul as one in order to consider all aspects of health. Understanding every issue as a whole can improve a person’s well-being and make them more functional overall. 

How is holistic therapy different?

Depression, anxiety, and addiction can all be addressed with holistic therapy to assist in alleviating symptoms that may not otherwise get treated. Instead of just treating an individual with medication, holistic therapy will look at diet, sleep patterns, stress management, spiritual practices, and everything else that could be a potential factor causing the symptoms. Finding balance is the sole function of holistic therapy. Each person is treated uniquely and encouraged to find their own innate healing powers specific to their ailments to keep them from reoccurring. 

What are the different types of holistic therapies?

Discovering the type of holistic therapy that works for each person can be realized from perusing the many varieties of therapies that are offered. There is something for everyone and finding the holistic therapy that works is the solution. 


Using essential oils that have been in existence since as early as the 10th century can be life-changing. Many cultures in ancient times found that essential oils have healing properties that are beneficial physically and psychologically. Aromatherapy comes in the form of balms, oils, and resins that are meant to provoke the sense of smell or used on the skin for absorption to relieve stress, boost immunity, improve sleep, or manage pain. 

Animal-assisted therapy

The use of animals as a means of therapy is beneficial because blood pressure tends to lower through touching an animal, cardiovascular health improves from being active with the animal, and endorphins are released from being around an animal that calms and soothes a person. Depending on the needs of the person, there are many animals such as horses, dogs, dolphins, and rabbits that make good choices. 


Although Yoga was once used as a religious ritual, today it is also used as a form of holistic therapy that is beneficial for many reasons. Yoga helps improve posture, releases stress, increases self-awareness, allows breathing to help with serenity, fosters meditation, and uses bodyweight to stretch and strengthen muscles. This holistic therapy is considered a triple surety to treat the body, mind, and soul all at once. 


To focus the mind on the present here and now is beneficial in reducing stress and anxiety. Mindfulness is essentially a type of mediation that gets a person to focus on breathing as well as the placement of the body to comprehend the very present moment. Allowing the mind to experience being present can assist an individual to target stress and anxiety when it arises with mindfulness to calm their physical, mental, and spiritual angst on the spot. 

Holistic therapy is nothing new but maybe it is new to you. Decide on a therapy that can be beneficial for you and then just go with it. When you want to feel better in body, mind, and soul, holistic therapy is something that can give you the desired balance and results that you are looking for.

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