Reasons to Prove People Right

Reasons to Prove People Right

There is a little bit in all of us wanting to be right most of the time. To admit that you want to be right would mean that you are elevating ego over humility. Undoubtedly, a person who is in the throes of addiction will endlessly fight to be right. They will also take advantage of kindness and treat others in a different way than what they would do if they were sober. In doing this, they break the trust in relationships that takes effort to gain back. 

Sobriety gives someone the opportunity to clean up their side of the street when they decide to put positive energy into recovering from their addiction. They begin to clean up the wreckage of their past and start making amends for the negativity that they caused in the relationship. During this process, people start remembering the best parts of the person in recovery and inadvertently, they will start proving their loved one’s right.

You possess inner strength

Often people in recovery forget how strong they are because they feel so weak and vulnerable. What you should know is that vulnerability is a wonderful asset and shows your inner strength to others. Stopping your drug and alcohol use by accepting help, even if you did ask for it, is another way that shows your strength from within. Getting sober and staying sober is difficult, to say the least, and being able to renounce relapse is a definite sign that you are above the curve in tenacity. 

You are a good example

How many times did you rope someone into doing something that was not a good idea? Probably more times than you can count, but the good news is that you are doing better things with your life now that you are sober. Doing adverse and injurious things under the influence is highly expected as the nature of the beast although doing though these same things in recovery just make you an adverse and injurious person. The process of recovery will help you to realize the things that will build your self-esteem and what will tear it down. You start becoming the person you have always wanted to be which lends you to set a good example for others who want to be sober, and even for those who just want to be a better person. Sobriety rocks for this reason because you can start to see a good example transformation in yourself now that others can see it in you. 

You show your passion

Besides drugs and alcohol, there are probably not too many things that you have showed passion for in the passing years. Sure, you might have been a talented high school baseball player or even been a phenomenal student in culinary school because that is what you enjoy to do. Getting high and drunk may have taken precedence over everything else and made you stop caring about the things that actually make you happy. Drugs and alcohol will suck the life out of you if you let them. Being passionate about anything is hard to come by when you are constantly poisoning your body, mind, and soul with substances, blacking out, passing out, exhibiting bad hygiene, or foregoing meals to be high or drink. Eventually, all of these behaviors will catch up to you and take away any ounce of passion you have left if it is not already spent on drugs and alcohol. When this fog lifts in recovery, you get to start over in finding what you are passionate about or pick up where you left off. You may also find your passion through being of service to others because you may see an opportunity that could really help you to discern where your passion lies.

You suit up for life

Instead of suiting up and shooting up, you begin suiting up and showing up for life with a get-up-and-go attitude. You understand that in order to stay sober action is imperative which also includes being of service. The service that you take on shows everyone in your life that your heart is in the right place again and that you care about the well-being of others. Being active in your life gives you the ability to firmly plant your feet on the ground of recovery and be proactive in relapse prevention. A simple understanding of how getting out of your own way in selfishness can help you to suit up for life is which is unexpected and fervent in nature.

Recovery is one of the key ways you can prove people right about how useful you really are. Sobriety can bring out the best in you and show everyone that you are working it – because you are worth it!

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