Why the 12th Step Can Be More Than Just Recovery

Why the 12th Step Can Be More Than Just Recovery

Sobriety is a steppingstone for the rest of your life. You could be turned off that you have to go to so many 12-Step meetings and curious as to why service will save the day in the first place. Finding yourself in recovery can get you ready for what will come next. Although you may assume that you will be doomed to 12-Step meetings for the rest of your life, one day at a time, of course, you should understand that what you are applying to your life from 12-Step meetings along with the principles of the 12-Steps will filter into other areas of your life. 

Eventually, when you stick to your program, you will find yourself growing in areas that you never thought were possible. As the promises of recovery start coming true, you have this sense of confidence that begins invigorating in your life. The next thing you know, people are starting to trust you to suit and show up for them in ways that you did not think you were capable of. 

You can expand service to the community.

Broadening your horizons into service outside of the recovery realm is useful to those around you. You will find that your sense of purpose will also expand into other ventures such as volunteering at your kid’s school, at a soup kitchen, or fundraising. You are not only limited to being of service to those in recovery. Everyone needs some kindness in their life and widening your service area to a bigger audience will help you more than it will probably help them!

You can step forward for your family.

Being part of the family is important, but when you are drunk and high, it is certainly hard to genuinely show up for them. Sobriety gives you a chance to be of service to them in a way that you have never been able to before. Staying sober and doing the right thing is a key way to assist in the cohesivity of your family unit. Not only can you help with dishes after dinner or run errands, but most importantly you can help to change the dynamics of your family by exhibiting emotional sobriety – being considerate, helpful, and sober no matter what anyone says or does. 

Being of service will start to extend to other areas of your life the longer you stay sober, it is inevitable. Instead of drugs and alcohol getting you high, you will start getting a natural high from helping wherever you can because it just feels good. 

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