How Valiant Living Onboards Clients for Success

How Valiant Living Onboards Clients for Success

Orientation for a rehabilitation center can be frightening and uncertain for someone who has suffered long enough in their addiction. The point of intake and orientation is to familiarize clients and the treatment center facilitators with one another along with setting the precedent for what will be happening while the client is in treatment. 

Here at Valiant Living Center, we want to set up our clients for success by offering them the best stability and structure that we can provide. We start off with our new Onboarding PowerPoint Presentation so that everyone is on the same page. Our Onboarding information is intended to show what a client’s day to day will look like with a schedule that they can adhere to sustainable consistency. Part of lasting sobriety is being accountable in one’s daily life so that recovery tools will become their first thought rather than turning to a drink or a drug to cope. 

Another mission of our onboarding presentation allows our clients to get a clear understanding of the policies and procedures during their time with us. We want to make the best use of everyone’s time so that our clients can start learning about their addiction instead of living in it any longer. Our clients deserve the best care that all starts with having the knowledge of what everyone involved can do while respecting one another during the process

We offer a myriad of useful services that our clients will learn inhouse which they can then put into action when they fulfill their program at our facility. Therapy, life skills, addiction education, exercise, healthy eating, recovery principles, and step work are some of the activities that we offer to help our clients recover. Our desire is they continue to be successful as they acclimate out of our rehabilitation centers back into the real world of having a job and being part of meaningful relationships as they remain sober.  

Dr. Lorie Obernauer, who does our career coaching, has put together our new Onboarding PowerPoint Presentation to help orient incoming clients and we are excited to share it with you. Please contact us with any questions and we will be happy to direct you, or your loved ones, towards a better way of life that can start right here at Valiant Living Center in Denver, Colorado. We can’t wait for your arrival! 

“Expanded Recovery” to enrich our clients’ lives in mind, body, and spirit. Through evidence-based therapy options and the endless adventure of Colorado, Valiant fosters connection, encouraging clients to get connected to themselves, their peers, their families, and their higher power. With the power of recovery, clients are restored to full health and experience life-changing healing. Call us today for more information: 303-536-5463