How to Find a Hobby Now that You are Sober

How to Find a Hobby Now that You are Sober

Did you just get sober and have now found yourself with some time on your hands that you have no idea what to with? You have been to a meeting, met with your sponsor to work on your steps, cleaned up your home, finished working at your job, and you are now left wondering what to do next. 

Since you have spent most of your time in the past drinking and using, you feel lost in translation with what it is that you actually want to spend your time doing now or even knowing what you like to do at all. Finding a new hobby may not have been as easy as you had envisioned, but you can figure out what you enjoy doing by following a few tips to guide you there.

Brainstorm first

Get a piece of paper and just start writing down every single activity you can think of. Look at each one individually and then use your process of elimination to see if that is something that you have the resources to try. Nothing is off-limits so be as creative as you can to come up with what you want to try first and have fun doing it!

Go for it second

Although some of your options may terrify you, be realistic about what you can do and then just do it! You will find strength in trying something new even though you no longer have drugs and alcohol to help you cope with being afraid. What you will find is that you do not need these substances as a crutch and can conquer your fears sober. Sobriety is meant to be fun so take this opportunity to really go for the gusto. 

Ask someone to join you thirdly 

The great thing about recovery is you never have to do anything alone again. Ask one of your recovery peeps to accompany you on your adventure so that you can enjoy your time with another sober individual. Not only will you be entertained by your company, but you will become bonded in having fun together as a means of staying sober. The other great thing about recovery is you can do anything sober especially when you have someone else who is trying to stay sober with you. Safety in numbers is a real thing that also applies to remain sober.

Getting a hobby is one of those things which just makes life that much more enjoyable. Find something you like and pursue it. Having something that you are good at, something that you delight in, and something that you can learn from. You will be rewarded in ways that you never saw possible just by trying something new and exciting.

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