Why You Want to Work Your Program on Labor Day Too

Why You Want to Work Your Program on Labor Day Too

Labor Day is on the horizon and you may be wondering what you should do on that holiday now that you are sober. Having an extra day off work or school can seem scary without having a plan of action on how to spend that time. Normally you would use Labor Day to celebrate with alcohol or drugs with others, but now that you are sober that is no longer an option. 

Even though Labor Day is a day to give people who work a day off, you will still want to work your program nonetheless. You did not take holidays off in your addiction, so you cannot take a day off in your recovery. One of the best ways to gauge your sober time wisely is to spend as much time on your recovery as you did on your addiction.

Sobriety is a gift

If you are sober, you have literally fought the fight of your life even if you do not want to admit it. Addiction recovery is one of the most important gifts that you can offer to yourself. Staying on task can be quite difficult at times but should be attempted on days especially like Labor Day when triggers and cravings may be harder to manage.

Sobriety can be fun

There are so many activities that do not revolve around drugs and alcohol that can be a ton of fun to do. Get some sober friends together, hit a meeting, and then go play. You can get some recovery in before you kick up your heels in fun so that you are able to appreciate being sober that much more.

Sobriety allows for discovery

You are a continuous work in progress which leads the way for personal breakthroughs when you do the work you need to ensure your sobriety. Both therapy and the 12-Steps are instrumental tools that can help you to process all the turmoil that you have had to endure in your lifetime.

Sobriety creates service

Labor Day is a great day to be of service to others. Part of being sober is giving away what was so freely given to you even on a day that you may have perceived to be lazy. There is never a better opportunity than now to extend a kind gesture to someone else. 

Labor Day should be viewed as just another day to remain sober. Although recovery takes some work, maybe this Labor Day you can celebrate the work you have done on yourself.

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