Should I Really Be Concerned with Vaping?

Should I Really Be Concerned with Vaping?

E-cigarettes have taken the country by storm. What started out as a way to curb traditional cigarettes has turned into just another way to become addicted. Marketing for e-cigarettes stated that vaping was a much safer option that would get a person to end their addiction with tobacco cigarettes and eventually allow them to taper off a vape completely. What has actually happened in recent years is there has been an epidemic of teens who vape and adults who are addicted to nicotine salts which were originally marketed as non-addicting. 

The downside to e-cigarettes is that they have never been regulated by the FDA and have not been tested enough to see what the effect the ingredients can do long-term. The United States General Surgeon finally flagged this new fad as a cause for concern in 2016 when they saw a 900 percent increase with vaping in high school students across the country. Since this unfortunate statistic surfaced, more information has been uncovered regarding the negative impact vaping has on persons of all ages.

What are the negative effects of vaping?

Although there are severe consequences for adolescents who vape including physical ailments and addiction, adults are not spared from having their own issues when they vape. Individuals can experience canker sores, hormone fluctuation, chronic cottonmouth, lung irritation, and develop allergies just to name a few. Overall, the worst thing that can occur is becoming addicted to the nicotine salts especially when the purpose of vaping originated with cessation from tobacco addiction. Although the jury is still out what will happen long-term because the research is fairly new, people still continue to generate negative effects with vaping.

Is there such a thing as second-hand vape?

Yes, there are dangers regarding someone who is an innocent bystander when someone else is vaping. Although there is no combustion and the exhaust from an e-cigarette vaporizes into the air, there are still toxic substances in the juice that lingers which could cause someone harm especially in excess. Some of the ingredients have been proven to cause cancer in different scenarios and just have not been proven at this point with vaping. Doing studies that expose a person to harmful substances is unethical, so there are some studies that show the air is toxic, but until the incessant physical ailments evolve within individuals, there is no way to show any long-term research as of yet. 

The more that vaping increases in our society, the more that should be revealed in regard to how vaping affects a person. Being wary of vaping is probably a good idea because if something is too good to be true – then probably it is. 

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