Why Relapse Prevention is a Must

Why Relapse Prevention is a Must

There will come a time in everybody’s sobriety where they will question why they are getting sober in the first place. The disease of addiction is powerful in convincing someone that they are fine and are not as really as bad as they once thought. For some, this overwhelming urge is almost too much to combat and they will act on the weakness of their cravings that could lead them straight into a relapse of no return.

Alcohol and drugs are tricky for a person who is predisposed to addiction. No one knows who will be affected by addiction and even more frightening, no one knows how long each person will prolong their addictive behaviors after a relapse. Taking one drink or one hit after a period of cessation can take them right back into the downward spiral of the chaos and destruction. Provoking the allergy of the body and the obsession of the mind is completely unprecedented within each person. 

With all this being said, you should take into consideration the downfall that relapse could cause in your own life through waking the phenomenon of craving that could occur by simply taking that first drink or drug. The only way to avoid a relapse is by having total abstinence, but there are some ways to be on guard to keep a relapse from happening. 

Educate yourself

The best way to beat addiction is knowing everything you can about it. You will never be completely safe when it comes to your addiction, but you have a better shot at staying sober by knowing how substance abuse continues to progress and why. Becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol is more than just consuming them. The brain is affected because the blood is inundated with massive amounts of drugs and alcohol that make a person crave more to fulfill their reward center. When the brain becomes intoxicated, dopamine is released which causes you to feel good and triggers the body and mind to want more and more until oblivion. Comprehending the non-ending cycle of addiction means that you get a leg up to know why your body and mind are responding to drugs in the manner they are to end the madness. 

Get into Action

Putting a recovery program into effect is important to stop your addiction in its tracks. Entering into a treatment center can give you the opportunity to be in a safe environment to discern what you need to do to stay sober long-term. Not only will rehab give you a moment to rest your nerves, but you will also learn about the continuum of care that you will need. Getting involved in a 12-step program can give you the fellowship and the unity that are imperative to let you know you are in the right place at the right time. Being around people you relate to can give you the opportunity to meet a sponsor, start working the steps with them, and lead you into a relationship with a Higher Power to put the necessary faith into your recovery program. The action that you take can give you the ability to become involved in your recovery to stay sober for the long haul.

Initiate honesty 

Educating yourself and getting into action will both give you the strength to become honest. You have to get to the point that you no longer have any secrets, even the ones that you thought you would take to the grave. If you hold onto the things that make you feel shameful internally, you will continue to stay a sick as your secrets. This does not mean you should broadcast your deepest and darkest secrets with everyone. Resolve them with a nonjudgmental and supportive person who can help you work through them such as a sponsor, therapist, counselor, or a pastor. By letting your skeletons out of the closet, you are allowing yourself to become honest in your life which will be instrumental in improving your self-esteem. Your newfound honesty will help you to understand that you are not a bad person. Rather, you are a sick person who is battling addiction and trying to implement the solution. 

Be of service

One of the concepts of recovery is to be of services to others to get you out of your own head. Taking time out of your selfish human nature to help someone else, especially pertaining to their addiction, will help you more than you can imagine. Call someone to check on them. Offer a ride to someone who needs to get to a meeting. Sign up for one of the many commitments in a meeting so it can run smoothly. Thinking about others will help you to stop thinking about your problems for a minute and let you feel good about the things you are doing in your recovery which inspire you to stay sober.

Relapse is part of recovery, but it does not have to be for you. Changing the way you live is crucial to the development of your recovery program which can prevent any relapse from happening to you.  

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