Benefits of Harm Reduction

Benefits of Harm Reduction

One of the misconceptions that have been stigmatized by our society is that people who abuse drugs and alcohol are “bad people” and are not met with compassion about their substance abuse. To combat this negative impression of people judging what they think addiction is, there have been organizations and platforms that have been configured to protect those who battle substance abuse so that these people who suffer can hopefully find their way out from under.

Harm reduction is a term that has been coined embodying the programs and practices that are put into place to protect the negative health images and language that often involve substance abuse disorders from being shamed or harmed. Instead, focusing on the positive involvement from organizations who can make a difference in creating legal and social solutions, could be instrumental in leading someone into getting the help they need in addiction recovery. 

What is the focus of harm reduction?

Using the resources and people within the harm reduction movement means respecting all people, including those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol, by giving them an opportunity to change without discrimination or exclusion being a factor. Harm reduction does not mean that punishment for illegal activities would simply be abandoned. The focal point is bringing compassion and resolution to those in need along with their families and friends instead of dismissing their rights as a human being. Giving them the chance in life that they need in order to learn how to stay clean and sober is imperative for a breakthrough into their recovery. 

What happens with harm reduction in place?

People who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction are offered a new lease on life that they may not discover otherwise. Encouraging those who cannot help themselves by offering drug consumption rooms, overdose prevention and reversal options, syringe programs, and psychological support are some of the nontraditional measures that are being used for people who continue to relapse or abuse drugs and alcohol no matter what their consequence is. 

Reassuring the people who are hopeless and feel like they will never stop doing what they are doing is crucial. Although society may have appeared to have given up on them during a low point in their life, we can show them that they are cared for through these evidence-based programs and policies centered around harm reduction. 

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