What IFS Means for the Future of Valiant Living

What IFS Means for the Future of Valiant Living

We have an exciting endeavor that we are embarking on this month that we are proud to incorporate into our recovery services. At Valiant Living, we like to offer as many resources we can to our clients to give them the options that will work best for them in their recovery. We are thrilled to announce that Simms and Dinneen will be starting the training process for IFS beginning this August and we will continue to update you on our progress.

What is IFS?

IFS stands for Internal Family Systems which is a therapeutical approach to healing the different emotional parts of the brain. IFS therapy was discovered back in the early 1990s by Richard Schwartz as a method to organize all the pieces of the internal community. After listening to his clients in therapy, he decided that if he put aside his preconceived notions about how traditional therapy affects the human mind, he could start hearing the different aspects of their sub-personalities. Through combining elements from the different schools of psychology, Schwartz founded this method which could address all the sub-personalities found in the brain.

What happens during IFS?

The Internal Family Systems model is beneficial in helping people curb their trauma, compulsive behaviors, and other mental health issues that occur. Anxiety, phobias, and depression can also be treated with this model of therapy. Journaling is recommended to write about the feelings, sensations, and emotions surrounding the different sub-personalities they are encountering. Jotting down diagrams about the sub-personalities in hopes of understanding the different parts of them, and describing them, can be useful to recognize them as a solution to adjust the internal system accordingly. Another layer of IFS is the language one uses with themselves. The words someone speaks is considered to take a powerful role in shifting the parts of the internal system of the mind which offers a way to gain the admission of their faults and to take responsibility for their actions in a constructive manner. 

What is IFS based on?

The therapy discovers how exactly the mind is divided. This works on getting the internal system to distance itself from the troubling parts with the intention to get all the sub-personalities working together to benefit the patient. If the internal system integrates into a working structure of cohesiveness the evidence shows that this process will actually also improve a person’s external circumstances.  IFS gets all of the working parts of the mind to come together to let go of the past and move forward in a harmonious journey to encourage ongoing mental positiveness. 

We are excited to implement the Internal Family Systems into our evidence-based model of therapy. If you are interested in hearing more about this wonderful opportunity we are beginning, please feel free to contact us. 

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