Can you Overdose on Weed?

People have different views regarding the drug, marijuana. Some people do not see it as a drug at all because they see cannabis as medicine and as the only alternative, they have to feel better. Others do view marijuana as a drug because of the mind-altering ingredient of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that will get them high. 

Now that the legalization of marijuana is a national topic with states continuing to legalize cannabis or finding the means to get it legal, the age-old debate of whether or not someone can overdose on marijuana is important to consider. The misconception about marijuana is that it is organically grown and that it is not as harmful as a manmade prescription drug, and while this may be true, this strictly depends on some factors – the user, the potency of the THC, and the amount that is being consumed.

Although the likelihood of someone overdosing on marijuana is not likely according to the Centers for the Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), marijuana should not be considered harmless. Someone who uses an appropriate dose for whatever ailment that they are trying to treat with cannabis versus someone who is using to try and keep up with their tolerance level is different. While overdose may not necessarily be a concern, overusing or abusing marijuana could be a problem. 

Marijuana toxicity is unpleasant at best. The symptoms of marijuana abuse can be severe and distressing. People typically use marijuana to calm down and the overuse of this drug can make actually do the opposite, and cause their brain function and motor skills unsatisfactorily listless. 

Physical Symptoms can include:

Low coordination

Memory loss

Poor concentration

Slowed motor skills

Slowed reaction time

Slurred speech

Red Eyes



Increased heart rate

Mental Symptoms can include:










Panic attacks

Abusing marijuana can make someone feel like they might be dying because they may experience intense chest pains, feel like their heart is beating out of their chest, and think they should seek medical treatment.  

Marijuana comes in different forms such as edibles, more concentrated in dabs, or dried to smoke which makes it difficult to know what could happen after ingesting it. There are thousands of strains of marijuana that can make someone react differently than how they initially thought their high would turn out. Weed also can be laced with illicit drugs that could be fatal from unknowingly overshooting the mark. Understanding the dangers that marijuana poses could be beneficial in getting someone sober. 

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