How Can I Stay Sober on the 4th of July?

How Can I Stay Sober on the 4th of July?

July Fourth is one of those holidays which has a dual meaning. Obviously, this day symbolizes the United States independence from Great Britain in 1776. The fourth of July also signifies a long weekend of patriotic fun with friends and family which often includes drinks and drugs. With a few days off, this makes it the perfect time to go hard with partying without having to experience a hangover at work.

If you suffer from substance abuse, you may feel justified to drink and use like everyone even though you are different. When you use alcohol or drugs, you no longer have control of being able to stop your consumption. Something happens inside your brain that tells you have not had enough even if you can barely stand up or slur your words, so you drink and use until you completely black out or pass out. 

While you may think you are free once you are under the influence because you can no longer feel your feelings or have a care in the world, the fact that you cannot quit means you are dependent on drugs and alcohol. You can, however, gain independence from addiction whenever you take some important actions to assist you in doing so.

Admit that you have a problem

Sometimes acknowledging that you do not drink or use like other people can start the process into finding the help that you need. Without the confession that your drug and alcohol use is more than it should be, you will never get the help you need to stop.

Ask for some help

The disease of addiction tells you that you do not need to stop, that you do not really have a problem, although each time you get drunk or high, your consequences get much higher. 

No one likes to concede in defeat, but in order to surrender, you have to seek assistance from someone who can instruct you how to get treatment for your alcohol and drug abuse especially if you have tried time and again to stop on your own. Talk to someone with whom you trust, and feel no judgment from, and tell them what happens to you when you drink so you can finally ask for the help you need. 

Take time on July Fourth this year to enjoy the food, the company, and definitely the fireworks. 

Being sober on July Fourth will give you an opportunity to know a new freedom and new happiness because that is what Independence Day is all about. 

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