Is July 4th Really Meant to be Celebrated Sober?

Every day and every holiday were meant to be celebrated sober including July 4th. Independence Day is usually filled with BBQ’s, beach time, family and friends, fireworks, and lots of alcoholic beverages. For many who are able to be frivolous drinkers and unwind for the day, they can drink on July 4th. For you who is unable to control your drinking, finding new sober ways to celebrate the 4th of July will be instrumental for your recovery.

Stay at home.

You may think that staying at home is lame, but you can dictate what happens much easier. Invite some of your sober friends and host a BBQ potluck. Ask everyone to bring a side or a non-alcoholic beverage to share during your event. Building your sober community sometimes starts with reaching out to others and making the first move. Play games, watch a movie, or better yet, play on a slip and slide. The point is to get creative with your entertainment without using drugs and alcohol to have fun. 

Go for a hike. 

July usually has higher summer temperatures, so getting out in nature before the sun gets too hot can be fun. If you are in a safe place to hike at night, walking somewhere to see a host of fireworks from all directions will also be incredible. Grab some of your recovery friends, some glow sticks, and get moving in nature. Endorphins will give you a natural high and you can get some exercise while in community with your friends to enjoy the liberation that sobriety provides.

Go to a meeting.

In order to stay current in your recovery, going to a meeting will usually save the day. Instead of thinking about what you “cannot do” with your drinking or using, when you get to a meeting you are reminded of what you “can do” because you are sober. Hanging out with others who share the same vulnerabilities will help you to understand your own which can be the very thing which keeps you from picking up a drink or a drug during the long July 4th weekend. Being of service and sharing your experience, strength, and hope with others can keep you on track for your longevity in recovery. 

Your sobriety has to be your number one priority and redirecting what you once did on July 4th to something new will be as exciting as a firework show. Keeping your sobriety date the same will give freedom a whole new meaning for you by remaining sober from drugs and alcohol on this July 4th and others to come. 

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