The Challenges Vaping Poses

The Challenges Vaping Poses

E-cigarettes came onto the market in the United States right around 2006-2007. If you were to go back through an e-cigarette timeline, you can see where different government agencies, health organizations, and consumer groups were against the product from the get-go and that it was actually patented back in 1930. Throughout the years, there has been a pushback about the safety of e-cigarettes. Over the last year, the vaping crisis has been exposed to adolescents and now, adults are starting to reap the negative consequences in their health as well.

E-cigarettes were marketed around 2011 as a promising tool to quit traditional cigarettes for good. This promise did come true for many consumers who then became addicted to vaping e-cigarettes instead. Although the health symptoms caused by vaping seemed to be the lesser of two evils, an addiction is an addiction. Being controlled by a substance means that a person is conflicted in some way, and this also rings true for vaping devices and their flavors.  

Adults have started to develop health concerns from a product that has not been well regulated by the FDA. The e-juice was never really tested to see what would happen long-term, or really even short-term. In fact, there was no real clarity into what was included in e-juice until the last year or two. Now, there are adults who are experiencing health concerns that are directly related to vaping which ironically was intended to be a healthier choice. 

The Lungs

According to the American Lung Association, ingredients in e-juice can cause inflammation in the lungs that in the short-term can cause wheezing and asthma exacerbation, but in the long-term can cause irreversible lung damage and lung disease.

The Heart

New research by the Journal from the American College of Cardiology was published in June, that reports that the heart will be harmed directly from the e-juice flavors, primarily cinnamon, by affecting the endothelial cells. E-juice in the report showed to cause toxicity in these cells that are so vital to the growth of blood vessels because of the flavoring and the ingredients which should not be consumed by humans.

If the e-cigarette contains nicotine although not all of them do, blood pressure can also be tremendously affected which was proven years ago along with the risk of addiction. The misconception that came to fruition is that vaping liquids without nicotine must be safe. This marketing tool is clearly lacking in information because although nicotine is considered a drug, the other ingredients are just as terrible for ingestion into the human body.  

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