Esteemable Acts: A Job Interview

Esteemable Acts: A Job Interview

Getting on your feet financially in recovery can hinge on getting a job. Although you may want to find work to help your pocketbook, you could be in fear with the entire process of gaining employment. Being afraid may entail not feeling like you are qualified, that your past may prevent you from being hired, or not knowing what you need to do to apply for the job. One thing that stands true is that a job interview is difficult and frightening, rolled into an exciting future endeavor. All you have to do is suit up and show up, and you will be fine.

Fill out an application

Sometimes this step is the hardest because you know this crucial step is what will get the ball rolling into a job interview. You may have to work up the energy and courage to fill out an application since no one really wants to fill in the blanks on a paper that may not see the light of day. The thing is that all the steps to a job interview will no doubt help to improve your confidence. Writing about your qualifications and the jobs to back those claims up can prove you that you do have something to offer.

Call and check up

If you have not heard any news about the potential of your application, following up to see if you will be receiving a job interview may actually help you. People could make a mistake by misplacing your application or possibly overlooking it because of their other tasks instead of responding back to you with any feedback. Showing that you are eager to work at their establishment may give you a leg up to get the interview you want. 

Prepare for the interview

You want to be as authentic as you can during the interview, but you also want to look professional. Get on their website to see what they offer just in case they ask you questions about their business. Look at reviews beforehand in case they ask you what your intentions are with the company. Take time to prepare for what you want to say so that when you get to the interview, you do not space and walk away regretting that you wish you would have said something different. 

Being sober and going to an interview can cause an intense amount of fear and stress. This is a great time to trust the process of your recovery and get hired for your new job – sober.  

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