Taking the long view

Justin came to us with severe alcohol withdrawal. When we used a breathalyzer, he tested beyond the lethal limit. Note that was “lethal” not “legal”—that means the point at which someone could be dead. So after initial medical assessment, we sent Justin to the hospital. He remained under observation for a while, and was then re-released to Valiant Living. The first time Justin came to us, he wasn’t sure what was going on. The second time—after the hospital—he was beginning to understand the situation.

After multiple conversations with staff about his options, he chose a solid long-term treatment facility to discharge into after his stay at Valiant Living. Throughout his time with us, we were also able to provide his out-of-state loved ones with continuous updates on his care plan, progress, and response to services, at Justin’s request. Knowing what was going on really helped them have peace of mind that Justin was in good hands and that we were taking a long-term perspective.

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