How Do I Replace Guilt With Gratitude?

The things that you did when you were drinking and using were probably pretty shameful and degrading. In fact, the more you think about these things you may find yourself shuddering in complete disgrace. Rather than stay stuck in the place of a guilty conscience, you should replace your personal culpability with some gratitude. Although you may not feel like you have anything to be grateful for, you will be surprised how blessed you truly are by changing your behaviors and altering your outlook on life.


Go From Covert to Candid

Keeping all your dirty secrets to yourself keeps your feeling guilty. You need to process your past transgressions by laying them all out on the table. Obviously, you do not need to just go shout your secrets from the rooftops. You should find someone, like a therapist or sponsor, to share your shame with. Let yourself be free of negativity so that you can focus on the power of being grateful.


Go From Treacherous to Trustworthy

Addiction caused you to do things that you are not proud of while depicting you as deceitful in the eyes of others. You probably also started believing that your addiction was your identity making you have no other choice but to be dishonest. In recovery, you have an amazing opportunity to change what you are known for. Use the tools that are being given to you in recovery to change your behavior by changing the way you think. The perception of being trustworthy all starts with being thankful for what you have in lieu of wanting more than what you need. 


Go From Absent to Appreciative

Take time to be in the moment of where you are right now instead of being stuck in the past. If you are ruminating about your past because you do not feel like your needs were met, you will never be appreciative of what you have now. You may not think you deserve anything because of the despicable acts you pulled off in your addiction, but you do. Your addiction is lying to you so that you believe you are worthless. Do not believe that untruth or you will never find the gratitude you are entitled to. 


Gratitude is something that cannot be fabricated. Gratitude is found when you can put aside negativity so that you can increase satisfaction, reduce stress, exhibit growth, and discover your purpose in recovery.


All you have to change in recovery is everything. Change is not so bad when you become the person you were meant to be all along. Offering a full range of recovery and mental health services, Valiant Living offers “Expanded Recovery” to enrich our clients’ lives in mind, body, and spirit. With the power of recovery, clients are restored to full health and experience life-changing healing. Call us today for more information: 303-536-5463