How to Make Recovery Your Number One Priority


You have probably heard that whatever you put before your sobriety you will lose. While this may not make sense to you, please heed the warning of this statement. In order for you to keep your job, your family, your home, or even your serenity, staying sober is the key to retaining all the things that are most important to your well-being. Making your recovery your number one priority will be beneficial long term. You will have a better chance refraining from a relapse that could cause detrimental consequences if you put your sobriety before everything else.


Put the Work In

If you put as much effort into your recovery as you did your addiction, your recovery will certainly prosper from the exertion. Attend meetings with as much vigor as you frequented the bars or the drug dealer. Work your steps as diligently as you tried to score drugs and alcohol. Addiction may be cunning, baffling, and powerful, but recovery can be life-saving, life-changing, and abundantly fulfilling. 


Put Importance on Self-Care 

People may view self-care as selfish although the real way to look at taking care of yourself is loving. Taking care of yourself has to happen before you can love or take care of others. Self-care means that you are tending to your mind, body, and soul so that ultimately you can feel whole. Becoming healthy will attribute to your overall wellness and make staying sober more achievable. When you feel good, you ultimately want to do better and being sober is the very best thing you can do for yourself. 


Put emphasize on today

Why worry about tomorrow when all you really have is today? By getting too far ahead of what you are doing just for today, you are jeopardizing staying focused on your recovery. No one knows what tomorrow brings, so getting caught up in the future only causes more anxiety than it is worth. Dealing with all that today entails is already a large order but taking things as they come is more realistic and allows for gratitude to be a part of your recovery. 


Sobriety has to be the priority or anything that comes before will falter by the wayside. Take the necessary measures to keep your recovery first and foremost, and you will be thankful you did. Your quality of life will exponentially improve because it works when you work it. 


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