How Long Does It Take to Feel Better in Recovery?


One thing is certain. A life that is rampant with drug and alcohol addiction is a life that is filled with misery and shame. If this describes your life in addiction, you should know there is a way out. You may not feel like you are ready to make the change just yet, but the longer you wait, the longer you will stay discontented. You may also realize that it will take some time to let go of the misery and shame once you get sober. Having to cope without drugs and alcohol does not seem like a good choice until you actually know what it feels like to be sober. You may not even attempt to get sober because you are uncertain if feeling better in recovery is an option or just a myth. 


Time Takes Time 

There is no specific time frame for when you will feel better. Everyone has a different experience. Part of feeling better is letting your guard down and breaking down your walls so you can become humble and vulnerable. Giving up control to drugs and alcohol is a huge change. You have to let everything happen when it is supposed to, which takes less control and more patience. 


First Things First

Before you feel better, there are some things that have to happen first. You have to stop drinking and using to get them out of your system. You need to start educating yourself on addiction in therapy and by working the 12-Steps. You must implement recovery tools to get you over the hump to see clearly and feel better.  


Live and Let Live 

Now that you are sober, live the life you have always wanted. You no longer have to be chained to drugs and alcohol to start living life to the fullest. Take time to enjoy life by working through your past to appreciate the present moment. Delight in the purpose of your sobriety. Start figuring out what hobbies and interests give you great pleasure. Do whatever you need to do to show you that life is worthwhile for you to live. Take pride in the fact that you are sober and seize the moments as they come.


The span of time to feel better in recovery will not be the same for everybody. With the addition of some improvements, enhancements, and effort, you have a good chance to find some solace in your recovery. You deserve to feel better and should take the opportunity to do so. 


We have no doubt you will feel better in your recovery than you did in your addiction. Through evidence-based therapy options and the endless adventure of Colorado, Valiant fosters connection, encouraging clients to get connected to themselves, their peers, their families, and their higher power. With the power of recovery, clients are restored to full health and experience life-changing healing. Call us today for more information: 303-536-5463