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Reasons Why Your Environment Is Crucial for Your Recovery

your environment

Having some shelter is a basic necessity for the well-being of someone’s self-care. Without a place to retreat, life tends to become chaotic and unpredictable. Not having a safe place to fall in their recovery will eventually lead a person to feel unstable in their environment. What you need to understand is that the environment […]

Why Relapse Doesn’t Make You a Failure

Why Relapse Doesn’t Make You a Failure

There is a saying in recovery that is intended to keep people who relapse from drugs and alcohol from feeling like a failure. “Relapse is part of recovery,” they say which is the truth. While there may be controversy surrounding these words because some think this gives someone the justification to relapse, knowing that you […]

Reasons Why You Can’t Take Everyone with You into New Beginnings

Recovery typically means finding new playgrounds and new playmates as a way to keep from repeating old addictive behaviors. Being around people and going to the same places where drugs and alcohol are being consumed can be detrimental in eliciting cravings and causing bad ideas which can lead you right back to a relapse. Really […]