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Self-Sabotaging Behaviors in Recovery

behavior in recovery

Recovery is a long and difficult process with any number of personal hurdles throughout, and while the resulting change can be profound and define the person, there are also ways that an individual may inhibit their recovery process. Self-sabotaging behavior is common throughout the recovery process, whether due to uncertainty regarding the future of change, […]

Finding Your Family in Recovery

family in recovery

Family plays an integral role throughout many aspects of each individual’s life. However, the idea of a “family” can mean many things, with each individual having their own understanding of the word. Finding one’s supportive and empathetic family throughout the recovery process can be crucial in establishing effective support systems and creating an atmosphere of […]

Trust and Trauma in Recovery

trust and trauma

Trauma impacts an individual in many unique ways, any of which can make it difficult to cope with daily events. Those suffering from traumatic experiences can find their thoughts invaded by unwanted and harrowing images, and even a good night’s sleep can feel like a distant impossibility. However, before an individual can begin to tackle […]

Allowing Yourself Time to Rest

time to rest

After enduring hardship, one of the most core components of trauma or recovery is rest. To allow yourself the time to heal from everyday mishaps to tragedy, sleeping makes all the difference in the world. During sleep, your brain processes your experiences, and sleep is vital to your ability to process as you recover. You […]