Tips to Travel Sober

Tips to Travel Sober

Now that you have become sober, you may be wondering how this will affect your travels. Whether you are a world-class traveler, travel for business, or just travel a couple of times a year, your trip can cause a myriad of cravings that make you want to drink or use during your travel times. From the airport bars, travel cocktails, to the turbulence that causes fear of flying, or becoming carsick, traveling could be a time that you believe you need to drink or use to cope.  Using your recovery tools will be in your best interest because you can learn to travel, and have fun, without drugs and alcohol in tow. 

Pack your recovery.

Although you will be changing up your normal patterns in your recovery by taking off, you can still bring your recovery tools along for the ride. With technology being state of the art, you can digitally download your books beforehand, attend a meeting online with Wi-Fi, or download recovery podcasts, speaker tapes, or guided meditations for you to stream when you are feeling squirrely. Bring along your journal or any devotions you may need to calm you down during your plane, train, or automobile rides. 

Support your recovery

Make sure you let your sponsor and close friends know about your fears to travel so they can help encourage you through it. You may have to physically travel alone but your safety circle is only phone calls or video chats away from getting the support you need to feel better. They will want to help you to get through your uncomfortableness if they can because you will help each other to get out of self in the process. 

Plan your recovery

Even though you take your recovery one day at a time, you will benefit from looking at a local meeting schedule beforehand to get an idea of meeting times and locations to keep up your recovery efforts wherever you are. You are more likely to get to a meeting if you plan ahead to get to a meeting. Call the central office off their website to get a ride to a meeting if you need one or chart out rideshare options to get you to where you need to be. Staying in the solution by being around others who are also trying to stay clean and sober will make your trip much smoother. 

The good news is staying sober while you are traveling is doable. As you would plan out vacation activities, lodging, or business meetings, you should also map out the healthiest options for your recovery while you are traveling. 

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