What are the Joys of Sobriety?

Getting sober was probably not your idea because most likely you were unknowingly beaten into a sense of reasonableness. One of the common fears about getting sober is that you will no longer have any fun. If that is your case in point to continue feeding your addiction, you could not be more wrong. Your thought process is skewed because you associate getting high and drink with having fun, but if you are addicted, there is no more fun to have. 

You are most likely scrapping the bottom of the barrel to do whatever you can to stay under the influence. How fun is that really? Withdrawal, going to shady people and places to get your drugs, prostituting, and many other immoral activities might have to do to keep getting high and drunk. These may be crafty for getting what you want although they do not invoke the kind of joy that will make you feel good about yourself. Sobriety, on the other hand, is full of positive activities that bring out the joy in you that is natural and delightful to help build into the foundation of your recovery.

Life of meaning

Finding a purpose is an important rite of passage that will undoubtedly give you joy especially if you are on the right track. Everyone wants to feel important and serve the objective in life that makes them feel important and give them the happiness they have been searching for in drugs and alcohol. Homing in on what you enjoy, what you are good at, and how you can make a difference is great incentive to stay sober one day at a time.

Life of service

Nothing helps someone to experience joy more than to be able to help someone else when they are in need. In recovery, you will learn that for everyone to exist together for the sake of sobriety, everyone has to be in unity which first starts with being of service to one another. Relating to each other is important and starts with one person sharing with another person their experience, strength, and hope. Once someone does that for you it becomes contagious and the next thing you are doing is putting your hand out to a newcomer or volunteering for something that helps another person. When in doubt, be of service and you will find it will give you great joy to do so. 

Joy is one of those things that you might have taken for granted because you have never been sober until now. Take time to find the joy in your life to then extend to others and you will find yourself living your best your life.

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