Why the Third Time is a Charm in Quality Decision Making

Why the Third Time is a Charm in Quality Decision Making

Recovery gives you the ability to learn how to make quality decisions. You might wonder what a quality decision is and if you are even making them. Chances are if you are not jumping the gun on things that have an impact on your life, you are already ahead of the curve. If you find that your judgment and your outcomes are still unmanageable, then you might need some assistance as to how to get from point A to point B much easier. 

In most cases, your first choice of what to do is not the right one, and even your second thought can be questionable. You probably have heard “third time’s a charm” and, when it comes to making a quality decision, most often the third concept is the charm and here is why.

Your first thought

The first thought that crosses a human’s mind is typically one that suits them best. While it may be fun, a financial gain, or something that seems like it would benefit you, there is often no pros and cons that are being considered, only the selfish wants that you desire. Looking at how the consequences of the decision rank along with the attributes can give you a better indication of how this will affect you overall. 

Your second thought

Now that you are thinking a little bit clearer than when you first thought of making a decision, there is still something to work out. If you have not already laid out your pros and cons, this would be the time to iron out all the pertinent ideas. At this point in your thought process, you are probably still looking at what you want versus the right thing to do although you are making progress in the right direction if you are still undecided.

Your third thought

Even though this should be your first thought, this would be the time to consult your Higher Power to bring into the quality decision-making process. When you use the direction of your Higher Power, that idea should win out over the self-centered ideas that once were swimming around in your brainpower. Getting clarity from divine intuition can help you establish in your gut what the most appropriate and productive decision is for you to make. 

Quality decisions are not always easy to determine, but the outcome can be amazing if you check all the boxes of logic first instead of simply deciding from the heart. As you continue with the process of using the third thought as the charm, you will keep making quality decisions in your recovery that can positively affect your life ongoing. 

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