What’s the Big Deal About Staying Sober on Halloween?

What’s the Big Deal About Staying Sober on Halloween?

Halloween may be your favorite time of the year because of the spooky essence, being able to dress up in a costume, the endless candy, and maybe your favorite time to drink and use. The problem that you may face is that you are addicted to drugs and alcohol and realistically, you only think you are having fun while everyone else around you has to take care of you in your drunken or high stupor. Well, this year could be completely different for you if you were to stay sober. You are seriously missing out on all the fun and here is the big deal about staying sober on Halloween.

You will enjoy the revelry.

Staying sober means that you do not have to do anything under the influence that may put you in a bad light. You have a better chance of remembering everything by not blacking out or passing out. You can learn to enjoy the things you love without the use of mind-altering substances. If you pay attention this year to everything going on, you will see what you have been missing all this time during Halloween. Pull out all the stops and go for it this Halloween, and you will be glad you did it sober. 

You can enjoy pumpkin spice.

October is the month that pumpkin spice becomes all the rage. You can enjoy the flavor of your nonalcoholic pumpkin spice latte or pumpkin cream cold brew, but you can also try pumpkin spice Cheerios, pumpkin spice ice cream, or pumpkin spice almonds. Pumpkin spice is everywhere, and you can partake in all of it without having the munchies or being drunk. You can really home in on the flavor of pumpkin spice while being sober. 

You can enjoy hanging with sober buddies.

There are lots of things to engage in that do not involve drugs and alcohol during Halloween, and there are actually other people to hang out with who are also sober. Get a group together and ride a haunted hayride, plan a sober Halloween party, or hit a meeting and grab dinner if you are not yet ready for the festivities this year. The key is to do something with others instead of isolate during a sensitive time. Your sober buddies are waiting to make this the best sober Halloween ever.

Celebrating a holiday for the first time sober can be difficult without the right perspective. You can do anything sober and Halloween should be no different. 

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