Which Celebrities are Sober and Can Inspire Your Own Sobriety?

Which Celebrities are Sober and Can Inspire Your Own Sobriety?

Sobriety is a personal choice that may be difficult for some to come out and be open about it to others. Thankfully, 12-Step programs are meant to be anonymous to protect anyone who wants to recover from alcohol and drug addiction to have a chance without worrying about what others who may not understand think about their situation. 

There are those, including celebrities, who are loud and proud about achieving sobriety because it is a big deal. They are happy to share the details of their sobriety outside of their recovery groups to help others who may be struggling. As for those celebrities who are open about receiving treatment and support for their addiction, we applaud their willingness to share about their sobriety to help change the stigma of what addiction really looks like. 

Brad Pitt

This A-lister has been upfront about his recovery in recent interviews that he had received treatment over 18 months ago because his alcoholism was affecting his relationships. Talk about true anonymity, the meetings he attended in Alcoholics Anonymous were not revealed to the press until Brad reported that himself. 

Eva Mendes

In 2008, Eva checked herself into treatment and has been an advocate for anyone who suffers from drug and alcohol addiction since. Instead of only seeing her as a movie star, she really wants to be seen as a human who was battling a life and death situation. Normalizing treatment has been her goal, so everyone understands that addiction affects anyone who abuses drugs and alcohol.

Dax Shepard

Although Dax admittedly stated he loved “Jack Daniels and Cocaine” until he met his wife, Kristen Bell, he now conducts a podcast where he is open about his recovery of 15 years. He may have gotten his start on the show “Punked,” but he ended up with the life he had hoped for with family and continued success all due to his decision to get sober. 

Naomi Campbell

Around 2012, Naomi decided she was sick and tired of being sick and tired where drugs and alcohol were concerned. In order to preserve her supermodel status, she turned to Alcoholics Anonymous as well as Narcotics Anonymous to help her to keep a low profile from her previous assault and her under the influence tirades. Now in sobriety, she claims that being sober makes her happier than drugs and alcohol ever did. 


The irony of Slim Shady’s lyrics is that no one could ever imagine him to be sober. He found himself in imminent danger after he started abusing prescription drugs and mixing them irresponsibly which one day led him into a near-death overdose. After calling Sir Elton John for guidance and scoring him as a sponsor in the process, he started to not only put sober days together but also writing songs about sobriety to come out to the world with. Now 11 years sober, Eminem is “Not Afraid” to share with others about how epic sobriety really is.   


Stacy Ferguson, better known as Fergie, sang under the influence for many years until her crystal meth addiction got the best of her. Although she started out as a child actor, her beautiful voice led her to huge success with the Black-Eyed Peas after she got sober. She has been very open about her sobriety with huge interviews with Time Magazine and Oprah that helped shed some light that getting sober is a great thing and does not want to “phunk” with her recovery. 

Bradley Cooper

Acting as an addict or alcoholic is very authentic for this “A Star is Born” and “Burnt” actor. In his films, he gets his inspiration from his own past experiences of being drunk and high. Bradley says he owes his award-winning career to getting sober around 14 years ago and without sobriety he would have lost it all. He speaks openly about his sobriety and is an advocate for anyone who wants to get and stay sober. 

Celebrity sobriety shows that recovery is the solution for the cessation of drugs and alcohol. Rather than letting your addiction keep you from achieving any goals you set or not allowing you to hit the mark of your spiritual gifts, you can get sober and watch your talents soar. The main misconception is that getting drunk or high makes you better or more creative, but the reality is that if you are addicted, the drugs and alcohol will eventually become the thing that keeps you from reaching your full potential. Plus, you may believe that you will no longer enjoy yourself now that you are sober which these celebrities can clear up for you is the wrong outlook to have. They know how you feel and are rooting for you to get the help that you need to live the life of your wildest dreams. 

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