Why Do They Keep Talking About Miracles Around Here? 

Why Do They Keep Talking About Miracles Around Here? 

If you have been in a recovery setting for long enough, you will start to hear slogans and catchphrases that have been used for decades that are still relevant today. One that you may hear quite often is to not leave before the miracle happens. For some, this can really give a religious connotation that could make them feel uncomfortable which is not the intention at all. Recovery is meant to be an encouragement to those who want to stay sober and here are a few reasons why this particular saying can pertain to you in your recovery.

Sobriety is a miracle for someone with an addiction. 

Only a small percentage of people who have an addiction get sober and stay sober. An addiction is insidious and relentless in keeping someone under its grip. Since addiction centers in the mind, there is much work to change the brain from wanting to get loaded or drunk any longer no matter how high someone’s consequences have gotten. Without help and support from others who are knowledgeable with addiction, the likelihood of sobriety happening is almost nil. Once sobriety is implemented and recovery becomes a reality, this is truly a miracle to get out from under.

Living is a miracle for someone with an addiction.

Individuals who finally achieve sobriety can look back with a sigh and realize that they had nine lives. How many times did they put themselves in imminent danger being under the influence? How many times did they avoid injuring others in the selfish acts they could have caused harm in others? Although there is plenty of wreckage caused during the addiction, there is much more that could have happened which might have been fatal for those caught in the crossfire or for themselves. When someone is under the influence, the last thing they are thinking of is how this could affect others or themselves directly. The fact that many people live to see one day of sobriety is an absolute miracle.

Relationships are a miracle for someone with an addiction. 

Once a person gets sober, they can see all the damage they have caused and all the hostages they have taken along the way. Some people will walk away for good, but there will be others that will remain by their side during their journey in sobriety. The patience that these loved ones have for someone who struggles with addiction is truly incredible and is a miracle that they are willing to stand by them to see all the good things they have in store. 

Miracles do happen every day and they do not necessarily have to pertain to the parting of the Red Sea or turning water into wine. The miracles in recovery are extraordinary and happen every day for those who are willing to go to any lengths for their sobriety. 

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