Why It is Important When You Don’t Know What to Do – Do Nothing

Why It is Important When You Don’t Know What to Do - Do Nothing

Impulsivity is the foundation of addiction. Instead of doing the right thing, the impulsive nature of drugs and alcohol wins out every time when someone is suffering in their addiction. Once a person moves into their recovery, the impetuousness in their actions does not just change automatically. One who has been impulsive will tend to remain impulsive until they make drastic changes in their unrestrained outlook on life. 

Altering the thought process that someone has in their brain can take some effort but will be well worth it to see the results of sensibleness when they are deciding what they should do. One thing that needs to happen is when you are unsure of what to do – do nothing. 

Two is more than one.

When you do not know what to do, ask your sponsor. If your sponsor is not available, ask your therapist. If your therapist is out of the office, ask a trusted friend or loved one. Instead of doing something that you may regret later, run it by someone and get a different perspective. You do not have to do everything that everyone tells you to do, but you can think about what you are doing before you do it with the insight of the credible people in your life. 

Waiting brings hope.

When you are trying to come to a conclusion, instead of just acting on the first thought that pops into your head, set an amount of time to allow you to process everything before you act. There are not too many decisions in life that need to have an immediate answer unless you add procrastination into the mix. Take your time to react in the manner that suits you best and you will find that your decision making will become more beneficial and more intuitive after you learn to slow your roll.

The irony of doing nothing is that recovery tells you to get into action. The difference between being impulsive and being deliberate is exponential. You could go and do the first thing that occurs to you or you can pause before you hit play. You get to decide. The most important thing is being intentional about what you are doing because your choices can lead you to relapse if you are not careful. 

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