The Story Behind “Rock Bottom”

rethinking rock bottom

“Rock Bottom” is often referred to as the period when the effects of addiction are causing someone to spiral downward and the individual struggling with substance abuse feels prompted to seek help as they have exhausted their other resources.

It is often portrayed as a theatrical moment of desperation. This is not real life. In real life, messiness waxes and wanes during addiction. There may be a defining moment that prompts outside involvement, but the accompanying devastation existed long before that moment and the struggle to stay sober will continue long after the individual has started in recovery.

Rename it As “Inflection Point”

Instead of “Rock Bottom,” why don’t we consider the idea of an inflection point in the timeline of recovery. The inciting event is only one part of a much larger journey. To paint a more full picture of the scenario, you have to consider everything that led up to the inflection point and what will happen after. It is no use to dwell on that moment, but rather mindfully exist in it.

When “Rock Bottom” is Actually “Turning the Page”

There is a certain negativity implied in the phrasing “Rock Bottom.” The moment that you get help should be thought of as turning the next page in your recovery journey and a positive moment — it can be a fundamentally positive experience when you consider it from this perspective. Whatever inciting event (or events) or the inflection point that led you to your care team will make all the difference.

“Rock Bottom” is a popular phrase used to demarcate the impetus for change in those struggling with a substance use disorder. However, we invite you to reconsider it as an “inflection point” or “turning the page.” The inciting events that bring you into care constitute much-needed change. At Valiant Living, we prioritize your care and recovery regardless of what brings you in. We take a non-judgmental stance on your health and well-being. We respect confidentiality and your self-determination at our men’s only facility located in Denver, Colorado. Through the use of either our inpatient or outpatient services, we hope to be pivotal players as you recover from addiction and/or co-occurring mental illness. Our expert staff knows how to assist you through detox and every step that follows. To learn more about the services we offer, you can reach us today at (303) 952-5035.