Ways to Take Responsibility and Move On

Many people who suffer from addiction use drugs and alcohol because they are not interested in taking responsibility for the adversity, they have caused in the midst of all the drama. What tends to happen with someone who uses these substances to cope is that they hold onto past painful events and use the memories as a justification to use and drink. Like Groundhog Day, their drunk or high will trigger their emotions under the influence like clockwork. Rather than let their affliction go, they use it as collateral so that everyone will see what a victim they are. Once the drugs and alcohol are gone, however, and a person has started their journey in recovery, they still may be fearful of having to take any responsibility for their actions. If you are unsure of how to get to a place of accepting your responsibility, here are some ways to move on in your reparations.

Own your part.

You must overcome the fear of making amends. The best thing you can do for your recovery is to take responsibility for any thoughts, feelings, words or actions you have displayed to harm them. Admitting your faults will allow you to be free of the negativity that could possibly manifest itself in different ways.

Stop blaming others.

Others will do what they are going to do, and you must stay in control of what your true purpose is in your recovery. Forgiveness and compassion can fill your heart if you can start taking ownership of your mistakes instead of worrying about what someone else is doing. This is where keeping your side of the street clean is imperative while remaining on your side in the process.

Find intentional actions.

The shame and guilt you feel is not something you can just get rid of by stating you are sorry. In fact, your loved ones are probably sick of your empty apologies and wish to see true remorse and repenting actions more than anything. Staying sober and following a recovery program is one of the most beneficial ways you can show them that you have changed without saying anything at all.

You may prefer to walk away from your relationships instead of having to take responsibility for the circumstances you are culpable for. Resentments need to be lifted, and love needs to prevail, and in order to do just that, taking responsibility is the key to everyone’s progress to move forward.

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