Will I Have Fun in my Recovery Without Drugs and Alcohol?

When people think of drugs and alcohol, a common visual people think of is partying or going to happy hour with friends. Although those who are in the throes of addiction are probably not having fun any longer, they still try to convince themselves they are as an excuse to not pursue sobriety. One misconception of recovery is that you could not possibly have fun without the buzz of alcohol of the high of drugs. Well, you should throw that fallacy right out the door because being sober can be a blast if you let it. 

There will be good days and there will be bad days.

Life is a series of days that are not always going to favorable for anyone, even sober ones. Once you can welcome the bad days along with the good ones, you will find that acceptance is the key to having fun. Letting go of expectations and knowing some days will be harder to endure will allow more gratitude for the good days which by the way, will become more prevalent the longer you stay sober. 

There will be quality memories. 

You can do more when you are sober than when you are under the influence. The delusion of having more fun with drugs and alcohol is only because your inhibitions become lowered from being drunk or high making you do things you would not normally do sober. You do things that are not socially accepted, illegal, or morally corrupt because your restraint is completely diminished, or you are blacked out. Fun is sometimes described as being daring or mischievous, but under the influence, this is dangerous and risqué which is not really fun at all. Now that you are sober, you can actually remember what you are doing without feeling shameful or guilty. You can make better choices and do quality activities that are indeed fun. 

There will be good times.

Since you no longer drink or use, your world just opened to more activities other than bar hopping and house parties. You can go anywhere and do anything your heart desires when you have the means to do so. The sky is the limit in recovery, and you can do anything you want without having to be a slave to drugs and alcohol. No more making a fool of yourself under the influence. No more overdoing it around others. You get to make the decision to be free and let the good times roll in recovery because life is more fun sober. 

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