What Happens When Someone Gets Sober?

What Happens When Someone Gets Sober?

The latest advertisement for Volkswagen talks about how everyone is concerned with knowing how fast a car goes from zero to sixty but then turns the question around by asking, “Shouldn’t you know how safe your car is going from sixty to zero?” This got us thinking in the same terms but relating this ad to recovery. Everyone is typically curious to see what happens to a person during an addiction almost like they would slow down to view the damage in a wreck on the side of a highway. When we turned the question around by like the Volkswagen commercial, we would be asking, “What happens when someone gets sober?” Well, we are glad you asked because we have some really great answers to share with you since recovery is our specialty. 

Life has new meaning

During addiction, the main objective is the hustle so that you can get your drugs and alcohol when you need them. When you get sober, your perspective changes. Your new hustle is to get further and further away from these substances by going to any lengths to do so. This means finding new friends and places to hang out such as meetings, working the steps to help you love yourself, and using the principles to make better decisions for your life.

You will find happiness

Understand that joy does not come all day every day. Happiness is brought about by doing activities that are part of your purpose in life. Although meetings and therapy are a crucial part of your sobriety, you did not get sober to just hang out in therapy or in recovery meetings. Quite the opposite should occur. Finding interest in your community, in your church, or in hobbies will bring you the joy you are searching for. As you start to build your confidence in the things you were meant to do, everyone else will see the difference in you and be glad about the human you are striving to be. 

You will find new freedom

Drugs and alcohol become a bigger burden than you realize. They keep you from aspiring in your life because being inebriated turns you into another person who is unable to complete the things that you are passionate about and if you still attempt them under the influence, your effort will never be as good as when you do something without drugs and alcohol in your system. In sobriety, you can be free of all the chaos and worry that comes from addiction and pursue new avenues that sobriety allows for. 

The promises do come true in recovery and you will find a new way to live that is more productive and healthier just from getting sober and participating in your recovery. You are worthy of sobriety and it works – if you work it. 

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