Why Time Management is Necessary for Recovery

Why Time Management is Necessary for Recovery

One of the mainstays in recovery is practicing the principles in all your affairs and this encompasses time management. Honestly, you have done enough things during your addiction to breakdown your confidence that today in recovery, you should attempt to do things that will build you back up. One of those areas could be time management. You may find the connection between recovery and time management to be ridiculous, however, you should look at the way they actually accommodate one another.

You display integrity.

Keeping your commitments without overbooking and being on time is one of the easiest ways to establish integrity. Although many who are using drugs and alcohol tend to be on their own timeline under the influence, learning to do what you say is a huge step in being considerate and polite to others. Being on time also shows respect for the people you are showing up for especially your boss. Of course, you will find yourself in traffic or in sticky situations from time to time, but as long as you are on time the other days, everyone will see that you are suiting up for life. 

You do the best you can with what you got.

Saying no to things that overwhelm your schedule is important to consider. Although someone may be disappointed that you cannot make their appointment, they should understand that if your schedule does not allow for you to come, that is the best you can do. Setting boundaries is a critical part of time management because if you did everything you were asked to do, you will find that you could actually be setting yourself up for failure. 

You have more time to stay sober.

Consider all the time you are saving with being on time and keeping your schedule on point. What this does is give you more time to focus on your recovery and go to the events that enhance your sobriety long-term. Make sure you schedule in recovery meetings, time to focus on your step work and to keep the appointments you have with your sponsor. Spending your time wisely in your recovery will compliment all the areas of your life and make you more useful to those around you. 

Time management may not seem like a big deal to you but in the scheme of things, being considerate of your time makes a huge difference in your day to day attitude and naturally boosts your self-esteem. Try making time management a priority because you will see the changes in yourself and how others perceive you. 

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