Does Vulnerability Make You Weak?

Does Vulnerability Make You Weak?

Putting yourself out there for everyone to see could be something uncomfortable for you to approach because you feel like you could come off as a weak-minded or a weak-willed person to others. In fact, you could be using drugs and alcohol to cope for that reason – to make others believe you have altogether when you actually do not.

The first thing that you should comprehend is that when you are being transparent to others, you are displaying an aurora of strength rather than putting on a front that everything is just fine.  If you are working a recovery program, becoming vulnerable is a must because if you do not surrender, you will continue to lead a life of dishonesty. You will constantly be on guard to cover up your true emotions while making someone else believe you are something that you are not.

Vulnerable is defined as “capable of or susceptible to being wounded or hurt, as by a “weapon”. The “weapon” in question here is the recovery measures you will take. In order to stay sober, you will need to break down on all the walls you have built up in your addiction and become vulnerable for recovery to work.

Be willing

One of the first things that need to happen is to break down the barriers holding you back by just become willing to be vulnerable even when life comes at you. Putting effort into your recovery through opening yourself up to others and becoming more transparent really only starts by being willing to be willing.

Get honest

You do not need to disclose everything to everybody. You just need to let out the skeletons in your closet to someone that you trust the information with. Although a recovery program is meant to be worked with rigorous honesty, being honest with the wrong person can make you uneasy about what others think of you. The point of honesty is not to have any secrets at the end of the day because you are as sick as your secrets. Let go of the past by becoming vulnerable with the appropriate people, such as a therapist, a sponsor, or a sober bestie, and you will feel the freedom to enhance your recovery. 

Vulnerability continues to get a bad rap because everyone can see your shortcomings and your defects of character may be glaring. Trust the process of being vulnerable in sobriety so that you can open the door to find out who you really are and break down the barriers into recovery. 

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