Disturbed: A Reason to Fight

Disturbed: A Reason to Fight

If you have never heard of the band, Disturbed, they are the epitome of what rock’n’roll is considered to be. Depending on what age you are, their music is considered heavy metal for older folks and nu-metal for the younger crowd. Disturbed’s music can be heard with a mixture of death growls and beautiful harmonies making the band unique in their own way. Heavy metal bands are often stigmatized with sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll, and Disturbed has been placed in that category just because of the genre of their music based on pure ignorance of a stigma. Ironically enough, understanding the band, Disturbed, means that you would understand they are advocates for people who suffer from addiction and mental health issues and are trying to change that negative stigma. 

Their newest song, “A Reason to Fight”, is a message specifically for anyone who is battling the demons of addiction and mental health issues to let them know that they will fight for them to stay with us. At the beginning of their video, the lead singer, David Draiman has some inspiring and supportive words to go along with their song to hopefully encourage anyone who is suffering to reach out.  

“Our world is plagued by an epidemic, by a disease, that shows no mercy. The demons known as addiction and depression are very real and have claimed far too many of those we love far sooner than they should have left us. Those still with us are fighting a battle they wage every day of their lives keeping those demons at bay. It’s up to us to show them they are not alone. That they have nothing to be ashamed of. That we understand and that we will fight with them and for them.”

In May during Mental Health Awareness Month, Disturbed spoke out about the band’s own experience with addiction and mental health issues during concerts, in interviews, and in a town hall meeting that was broadcasted on IHeartRadio.Com on May 27th, 2019. Dave Draiman and Dan Donegan were interviewed during the town hall meeting about how addiction and suicide had impacted their lives from a couple of people who were closest to them. For this reason alone, they wanted to use their platform to give anyone who was listening to the broadcast the realization that they have a way out of their pain. 

At the end of the interview, Draiman spoke these final words as a source of fortitude against the insidiousness of addiction and mental health issues, “Shine your light in this world and make it count. Let’s cut through the darkness.”

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