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One, Two Punch: the “Tag-Team” Approach to Treating Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder (formerly known as manic-depressive illness or manic depression) affects 2.8% percent of Americans over 18. It is a mood disorder that causes unusual shifts in one’s mood from high, which is referred to as a manic episode, to low, which is referred to as a depressive episode. Patients diagnosed with bipolar disorder usually […]

Polar Opposites: Differences Between Bipolar I and II Disorder

Imagine this: You experience a sudden, random, huge burst of energy, creativity, and motivation. However, this is not just a “few cups of coffee” burst of energy. This is a new level of energy that is so powerful that it can motivate you to catch up with friends, be the most productive person in the […]

Counting Sheep: An Overview of Sleep Disorders

People who get an adequate amount of healthy, restorative sleep are better able to cope with stress and physical pain during their waking hours. Unfortunately, sleep patterns and sleep quality can be disturbed, leading to an array of physical and psychological illnesses. Changes in the quality or quantity of sleep can lead to the development […]

Covid-19: An End-of-the-Summer Update

The United States is currently experiencing a rise in covid cases, hospitalizations, and deaths. In fact, as of July, 35% of the counties and 90% of jurisdictions in the United States are experiencing high levels of transmission. The rise in cases is primarily due to a decrease in the number of vaccines being administered and […]