Finding Stabilization in Recovery

stabilization in recovery

The complicated addiction recovery process can feel intimidating, as an individual is faced with a number of lifestyle changes and new mental frameworks introduced on a daily basis. However, before a person can begin to establish their newfound sober lifestyle, they must first stabilize themselves in their current situation. Stabilization is something that each person moving through recovery will have to address at each stage of the process, beginning from their first step into a detox program and maintaining it through sober living and outpatient therapy.

What is Stabilization?

Stabilization can mean slightly different things to different people, but there are some guidelines that each person can work off of to find their own definition of “being stable.” Largely, being stable involves finding a state of homeostasis in recovery, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Those just beginning a detox program can struggle with all of these aspects at the same time as the body rapidly adjusts its chemical balance due to the abstinence from addictive substances. Withdrawal symptoms or feeling out of control of one’s anxiety, depression, or frequent mood swings can all indicate that stabilization should be one’s priority before moving on to the next stage of recovery.

Identifying a Stable Mindset

Finding stability in one’s recovery can provide a clearer mind and better focus for adapting and incorporating therapeutic practices and education into one’s daily life. Stable mindsets don’t necessarily have to always abstain from thoughts of drugs or alcohol — such thoughts and feelings will still continue to surface.

However, a stable mindset can be one that understands that thinking or talking about these things is not cause for rash decision-making. It is peace and confidence in one’s self to view one’s future and goals as attainable, overcoming any illogical notions such as beliefs that an individual is somehow “beyond help” or that a certain symptom or feeling will “never end.” Stable minds in recovery can instead tackle the daily struggles of addiction recovery one day at a time, all the while continuing to develop and better understand their situation, their sober identity, and addiction as a whole in a more objective, progressive manner.

Finding a stable mindset takes time and may not occur right away during an individual’s journey to sobriety. However, understanding that irrational thoughts and tough times are part of the process can give this objective view of one’s own situation a push to the forefront of one’s mind, and while no part of recovery is easy, it is achievable.

Stabilization is a crucial part of recovery, and we at Valiant Living understand that getting to and maintaining a stable mental and emotional point is necessary for continuing towards your unique goals in sobriety. Our men’s facility is prepared to help you better understand the lingering effects of addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. We will work with you to create a unique recovery plan while monitoring your own well-being and maintaining this essential stabilized mindset. For information on how we can individualize your stay with us, call to speak to a caring, trained staff member today at (303) 952-5035.