Why Humility Is an Imperative Part of Recovery

You have spent enough time being reckless with selfishness due to your behaviors under the influence. Now in recovery, you can rectify that behavior by adding some humility into your life. In fact, adding humility into your recovery will enhance your sober experience to the nth degree. When you are trying to achieve genuine humility, something to consider is that if you won a badge of humility, wearing it would only discredit your efforts to be humble. Saying that you are humble takes away any humility that you have been striving for. Your outlook should not be about “look at me, look at me,” but rather be about learning to think less about yourself. Taking some time to make humility an imperative part of recovery will give you some understanding of what true humility is all about. 

Humility Is Not About Humiliation

The main misconception about humility is that you must be humiliated to become humble. While this may be true for some, this is not true for every person. Many people embark on humility because they have been subdued into a sense of reasonableness. They realize that they have nowhere else to go but down if they continue drinking and using addictively. You should also comprehend that humility is not being beaten down but lifted up with the life-changing, life-saving concept that recovery offers. 

Humility Allows You to Be Attuned to Your Recovery

Once you allow humility to infiltrate your recovery, your arrogance will dissipate and you become open to seeing what recovery has to offer. Humility makes you teachable and willing to learn the truth about yourself to implement the necessary changes you need to make. When you are humble, you can better see your character defects with clarity instead of being a victim. Turning over a new leaf in humility will allow you to be more dedicated to working your program and understanding its importance.

Humility Gives You a Chance to Appreciate Others

Gratitude and humility go hand and hand. When humility becomes part of your daily practice, you will undoubtedly see more beauty in people, places, and things each day. The outcome of this fresh perspective is helping those around you with more vigor. When you may not feel like you have anything to give, your service work will go a long way with your appreciation of others. 

The great thing about humility is that you no longer have to prove anything and you will have more to offer to others. Pure joy comes from growth and the ability to prevail in situations you never thought you could while wanting that for others. For this reason, humility begins in your heart and then permeates into other areas such as your attitude, perspective, and actions. 


Humility starts when you ask for help with your addiction. Assistance is here for the taking when you are ready for cessation from drugs and alcohol. At Valiant Living, our goal is to create a bridge to move clients toward longer-term healing and wholeness on their unique recovery journey. If you or a loved one are struggling with chemical addictions and co-occurring disorders such as anxiety, depression, and trauma, we offer our “Expanded Recovery” to enrich our clients’ lives.. With the power of recovery, clients can experience life-long healing. Call us today to get started towards your newfound freedom: (303) 952-5035